Travel Suggestions

We use Southwest to fly, and so far, we haven’t had any major problems with them.  Their price is unbeatable, but of course this means giving up some amenities, such as assigned seating.  However, you get a free carry-on item along with a personal item (i.e. purse, small bag, etc.), and you can check up to two bags for free.  You also get a small snack and a complimentary beverage.  Of course, the seating is cramped and you have to remember to Check-In to your flight 24 hours beforehand in order to secure your boarding position – the sooner you check in, the better your boarding position will be.  Once on board, you pick your seat, which means being split up from your travel partners if you are a late boarder.  But don’t let that cramp your style – soon you will be in beautiful New Orleans.

When should you buy your tickets?  We usually buy our plane tickets between 3 and 4 months in advance; according to, the best time to buy is anywhere between 3 months and 30 days before your departure date.  We suggest starting to look for your ticket about 4-5 months beforehand and watching for any deals that pop up, but don’t delay too long or you’ll end up paying more.  You should probably have your tickets secured by the time Christmas rolls around.  This article has a lot of travel tips for anyone looking for more information.

For the wedding, we plan on arriving a few days before January 28 as we have some items to wrap up before the actual wedding.  Because of this, we won’t be able to really spend quality time with anyone until the Friday or possibly Thursday of that week, so you are free to explore the city as you please once you arrive.  We do not have an itinerary or any required events planned beside the actual wedding ceremony and reception.*  We wanted to give you the freedom to make this trip your own and get the most out of it, and we decided the best way to do that would be to leave you to your own adventures.  We think Thursday or Friday through Sunday would be a great option for most of our guests, but you are always welcome to extend or shorten your trip based off whatever works for you.  We look forward to hearing about your explorations throughout New Orleans.

*Separate invitations will be sent for the rehearsal dinner and bachelor/bachelorette parties.  We do not have any other planned events besides these.