Wedding Party

For our wedding party we thought it was important to keep things small. With everyone traveling and spending money just to make it to our wedding, we felt it was most important for our close friends to simply concentrate on having a good time. We want our wedding to be a great memory for everyone who attends, and the stress that sometimes comes with being a bridesmaid/groomsman could get in the way of that. This is why we decided it would be best to have just one bridesmaid and one groomsman each. It’s just easier this way.

The Maid of Honor


Name:  Jacque Gruber

Relationship: Sam’s sister

Why Sam Chose Her: You can’t pick your siblings, but if I did, I would end up with someone exactly like Jacque (and Alex of course!).  Jacque is the best version of an older sister; she listens to me ramble on about measly problems and doesn’t complain when I’m pulling a middle-child move and demanding I get my way.  We literally grew up together so there was no other choice.

There were times over the years when we were convinced we would never talk to each other ever again, or at least never let the other borrow clothes ever again.  But there were more times of camaraderie and shenanigans – whether it be convincing Alex to say swears or getting mutually pissed off when people thought we were twins. (It still happens. Please don’t ask us if we’re twins. PLEASE.) We created several different talk shows over the years and filmed multiple episodes on VHS.  Our main/best creation was a talk show with two elderly hosts who complained profusely about today’s youth.  Sure, it doesn’t sound that funny with that explanation, but it is golden, trust me.

Jacque is responsible, organized, and will take a secret to the grave.  She has covered for me multiple times and I know she will be there for me not only for the wedding, but for my whole life.

The Best Man

Name: Melissa Mennenoh 

Relationship: Vince’s best friend

Why Vince Chose Her: Sometimes in life you just hit it off with someone the first time you ever meet them, and Mel was definitely one of those people for me. I started working with her a little over eight years ago and we became fast friends. We had similar interests and we made each other laugh. Sometimes it’s just that simple. As our friendship grew, we became more and more intwined in each other’s lives. It was Mel who gave me a ride to the hospital on the night that Nolan was born. It was Mel (and Mike) who I’ve spent nearly every one of our birthdays with for the past eight years. Before I decided to go to every Wrestlemania, it was Mike and Mel I watched it with. It was Mel who I needed to like Sam. For the past eight years when it comes to friends and people outside my family who really matter to me in my life, it was Mel.

In my engagement story I said I wasn’t sure when I knew when I would propose to Sam and that’s still true, but I’ve known for a very, very long time that when I did get married that Mel would be my best man. She’s the best friend I’ve ever had and I can’t wait for her to stand by my side in New Orleans.

Marriage Officiant

Name: Mike Mennenoh

Relationship: Close friend to Vince and Sam, husband of Vince’s best man

Why We Chose Him: Mike has been a great friend to us over the years and we believe him to be an even better person. We find his work ethic, leadership and determination to be inspiring and we couldn’t imagine a better person to help us say the most important words of our lives. Mike and his wife Melissa have shown us not only what a great marriage could be, but also what it should be. He’s a great husband, a great father, and a great friend.

While he doesn’t always believe it, Mike has the ability to control a room with his words and put true feelings behind those words in a way that inspires people. This is why we selected him to be our marriage officiant. We know that he will do that for us at our wedding and we can’t wait to see what gift his words will bring that day.